Manuel Fasce

Manuel Fasce

“Often clients are unaware of the expertise and professional knowledge that go into a successful real estate transaction,” says Manuel Fasce, a skilled marketer who knows how to “read” a property and implement an effective marketing strategy. As a licensed Florida Realtor®, he considers it a privilege to assist customers in purchasing and selling properties throughout the state.

An important part of the client-agent relationship is sharing relevant data regarding market forecasts and trends, thus providing a clearer perspective on the current state of the market so they can buy or list their home at a competitive price point. “Educating home buyers and sellers about real estate market trends puts them in a position to make well-informed decisions on crucial matters,” says Manuel.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Biological and Physical Sciences from Florida Atlantic University, Manuel spent a half dozen years in the medical industry before venturing into the aircraft business as Managing Director of GFM Aviation, LLC, a family-owned firm specializing in aircraft sales, acquisitions, and parts. When he saw the field changing soon thereafter, he opted to transition to real estate in order to join an exciting industry where he could employ his negotiating and sales skills to benefit his clients.

When Manuel was still very young, his father’s work in aviation took the family from his Huntington Beach, California, home town to Boca Raton, Florida, where he and his wife, an interior designer with a strong interest in investing in distressed properties, or “fixer-uppers,” currently reside.

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