Beachfront Builders

Beachfront Builders

Looking to flip, remodel, renovate or build a home from scratch? You’re looking in the right place. Not only do we have licensed agents to help you buy or sell your home, we also can build the home of  your dreams, just for you! Beachfront Properties and Beachfront Builders work side by side everyday to satisfy clients in helping them build their dream home.




We work with a talented group of designers, architects and have a great team of professionals that help us visualize any project with our clients, far before we break ground. Design is a very important part of our process and we believe it’s the only way to ensure our client can visually see the future project, and our team is seeing it exactly how you want it to be delivered.



Licensed & Insured, we are local Builders that offer a unique skill set and a team of professionals to finish your New Construction.  Our team is able to ensure your project is delivered on time and exceed your expectations.  We will handle all permits and requirements of the city, while we work with you, your architect and your wishes to ensure we deliver the home of your dreams.

We believe that when we build a new home for our clients, it is our mark we are leaving for the world to see, and we will ensure that it will impress for years to come!  We stand behind our work and always see each project through until the very end.


While we love to build new homes with our clients, however a LARGE part of our business is Remodels.  We have helped several clients that wanted a new home, but loved an older, not so nice home location, and we completely transformed it into their dream home!

Not only this, but we have a lot of investor clients that buy homes to remodel or ‘Flip’. We take the current plan of your home or project and we completely re-design and rebuild it to make it new again. We are very aware of how to work on a budget and work closely with our clients to ensure we get the most out of their space and budget while delivering a beautifully updated home of their dreams!